People Rescued A Great White Shark

How the hell did the shark get so far onto the shore?

The risk of being attacked by a shark has fallen significantly since the 1950s. And it’s becoming increasingly evident that often, it’s our shark friends that need a little help.

Отдыхающие на пляже полуострова Кейп-код, Массачусетс были под рукой, чтобы сделать именно это, когда два метра (7 футов) большая белая акула оказалась на мели, ранее на этой неделе, как видно на видео ниже.

The helpless juvenile shark struggles for some time as onlookers watch. Animal rescuers soon arrive on the scene, throwing buckets of water on the shark as it appears to be immobile and dehydrated, but it quickly revives to cheers from the gathering audience.

Акула затем потащили обратно в море на катере. Хотя это действо выглядит вредным, акула совершенно безопасна. Животное потом проверили более для каких-либо травм, прежде чем отпустить обратно в море.

It is actually more common for whales to become beached than sharks. However, there is no common reason why sharks do become stranded on beaches. According to Surfing Life TV, this particular shark was led astray while it was attempting to catch seagulls.