Pokemon GO Players Catch Murderer!

How many XP points do you get for catching a child molester?

Former Marines Seth Ortega, 24, and Javier Soch, 26, were playing Pokémon Go in Fullerton, California, on Tuesday morning when they saw a man behaving bizarrely around children. The two veterans were wandering the city’s downtown playing the augmented reality game when Soch’s app froze. When he looked up, he saw a man appearing to scare a mother and her three sons, the Los Angeles Times reported. The pair, who are roommates, said the man, identified as 39-year-old Jacob Kells, looked odd and was dressed in a large jacket and baseball cap, and was holding a fake rose. The men added the man seemed on edge and at one stage snapped his fingers.

Ortega and Soch walked up to the man and told them he wanted cigarettes. ‘I said, “I don’t have smokes but there’s a police station nearby. If you go, they can point you to resources,”‘ Ortega told the newspaper.

The former Marines thought that was the end of it, but the man then approached another woman who was with her two sons. Soch said he saw the man touch one of the boy’s upper body as he talked to the mother. The veterans, feeling uncomfortable about what they were seeing, decided to keep an eye on the man. The man then followed the young family to a playground, where both Soch and Ortega claim they saw him place his hand on one of the boy’s feet and then slide it up his leg.

Sensing danger, Ortega charged into the park and ushered the man away while Soch stayed with the families in the playground. Police were called and arrested the man and also took statements from the ex-Marines.

Kells was arrested on suspicion of child annoyance, but after running his details through police systems, it emerged that officers had a warrant for the man’s arrest for attempted murderaround 500 miles away in Sonoma County, California. In addition to attempted murder, police said, Kells was wanted for assault with a deadly weapon, assaulting and resisting a peace officer, possession of a stolen vehicle and felony evading causing great bodily injury.