Pokemon Go Streamer Robbed & Assaulted LIVE

The another guy was playing “GTA GO”

Video game streaming continued to grow in popularity every year, with Twitch being one of the major streaming competitors. But until recently, that streaming has mainly happened from the comfort and safety of homes. However, with the release and huge popularity of Pokemon Go, the streaming craze has gone mobile.

Playing Pokemon Go while walking around has proved dangerous, but mainly because players are not looking where they are going and walking into or off things. Now it has resulted in someone being assaulted and robbed while they were live streaming.

Streamer Rickeybot was walking around New York’s Central Park on Sunday, September 18, when another individual approached him from behind. He proceeds to punch him in the face and then steal everything of value he had on his person, including the smartphone that was still recording as the assailant makes his escape. Rickeybot reported the mugging to the police and then went to hospital as his jaw was a mess. He also has better quality footage of the assault so it should be easier to ID the thief, although as of yet the police don’t know who it is.