Poker Player Celebrates Thinking He’s Won $5M

Damn!!! Fortune is unpredictable and changeable.

This guy thinks he’s won $5 million dollars in this Poker tournament final. Which is why what follows his celebration is beautiful.

Watch him crash and burn as his pair of jacks and a pair of 10s fails to land him the cash. Did I mention how beautiful it is to watch?

Side note: The amount of money on the line in Poker tournaments makes me feel sick.

It is always a traumatic point for players who are seated on a table and the card handler has to showcase the cards and unfold who the winner is on the poker table. Now poker isn’t really a very pretty game, you need to know the game and the loopholes in the exact same manner in order to judge if you are moving towards the victory or failure while remaining inside the herd. This poker game isn’t something that you are playing with fake money. These are actual chips and your reputation is at stake, most of all.

But when the guy flushed his cards with a Jack and a 10 he was darn sure that he has actually cashed the table. It could have been true because he was at a higher percentage to win the game but still when you are dealing with poker to declare your victory before time is not the best thing you do. But Ali was darn sure and he simply went off hugging his pals at the back while Olif stood there to see where fate takes him and he stuck true to his grounds and got the fruit for his patience in the amount of $5M bucks.