Poker Star Pulls Off Savage Bluff to Take $162M Chip Pot

It must be hard to sit with balls this big.

Vietnamese poker star Qui Nguyen just won $8 MILLION US Dollars on a single hand. How? By beating his opponent Joey Vayo at the final and most prestigious event in the World Series of Poker in Australia recently. How? Well, he outplayed Vayo, of course. He must’ve had a great hand, huh? Well, no. In fact, after the river card came out, Nguyen had preceisely 0% chance of winning the hand…
So he bluffed. This has to be the biggest and ballsiest bluff ever, though. And coming after a nine hour marathon session, the 39 year-old has to be applauded. Almost as much as Vayo has to be pitied. Poor guy, huh?The usually chatty commentator Antonio Esfandiari was almost lost for words as the play panned out, saying. “I am out of words, gentlemen. This is poker at its best. This is the most exciting match I’ve ever seen in my entire life!”