Polish Magic Trick Goes Terribly Wrong


TV viewers are regularly wowed by celebrity magicians performing tricks. But one not-so-magical stunt in Poland took a very painful turn, after the magician accidentally impaled the hand of the chat-show host he was demonstrating on. Agonizing footage shows Question For Breakfast host Marzena Rogalska, 46, holding her hand over a paper bag, readying for a stunt that a Poland’s Got Talent semi-finalist has prepared. But when the magician tells Marzena to drop her hand, she screams in agony – as it’s impaled on a huge nail.

The host continues to screech as she collapses onto the floor, leaving the magician and his assistant looking worried. The assistant seems to giggle at first before realising that Marzena is in genuine pain. Eventually, they spring into action after it becomes clear Marzena needs medical help.

The magician and his assistant both examine her hand while she cries on the floor. They help pull her up, before leading her off camera to seek treatment. Marzena did not appear on the programme for the rest of its duration. According to producers of the programme, the trick had been rehearsed before the segment was filmed and had gone off without a hitch.

After the incident, she was taken to hospital where her injury was discovered to be superficial and she was given a tetanus shot, reported The Sun. Marzena reassured fans she was okay, writing on Facebook: ‘Thank you for your support. I’m alive . Everything will be fine .’