Prank: Bait Phone 2

Awesome funny prank laughed so much

Karma can be shocking. YouTube channel ‘MabeInAmerica’ releases this awesome video aimed at pranking thieves. Watch as this man leaves a bait phone next to him while “sleeping” in hopes someone comes by to steal it.

Leaving phones in a place or even a bike where it can be considered abandoned and collecting it as abandoned is not stealing as is clearly the case in a number of these stunts. This is a fundamental point of law.  Injuring people for any reason beyond unavoidable self-defense can be prosecuted and adjudicated for very large civil judgments.

“Don’t get me wrong. But purposely leaving an item somewhere with the hopes of somebody picking it up and being electrocuted by a stun gun is surely assault with intent to cause injury? I’m not Saint, but just be careful with this shit. Wondering why you weren’t arrested tbh”