Prank Exposes Gold Digger In Hilarious Fashion

Karma’s a bitch.

Josh Paler Lin, known affectionately as the ‘Asian Prankster’, punked another blonde gold-digger in California. He walked up to her in a crazed Hawaiian shirt and plaid pants, then asked her if they could hang out together. She told him that she didn’t give her number to strangers, that she had a serious boyfriend and that she was there with other people. Anything and everything to get rid of him. Then, a guy pulls up in an expensive ride and a suit. He asks if she is with anyone and if he can sit with her and she says yes. That’s when things got interesting.

Appearances can be deceiving as this woman found out in a brilliant prank that proved she was a ‘gold-digger’.

Josh Paler Lin from California – the self-proclaimed ‘craziest and most creative Asian prankster alive’ – posted the video showing a blonde choosing what she thought was a rich man over a poor one.

At the start of the footage, Lin, dressed in a Hawaiian shirt, lounge pants and a hat approaches the young woman sitting alone outside a cafe.

The suit tells her he is waiting for his boss and the guy in the flaky getup walks up and starts undressing. When the blonde realizes who she turned down, she dumps the suit and unbelievably goes up to the boss and asks if they can hang out. He tells her he does not like liars or gold-diggers and they jet off leaving her stunned and punked. Any woman with any self-respect and sense would have turned both of them down because they are strangers. Hello! A psychopath can look like anyone… a beggar or a millionaire. This woman was in it for the money and didn’t have enough sense to know she had already blown it. The whole thing was probably staged and I don’t care for someone who would look for women to do this to either. It says a lot about our culture, doesn’t it?