Prank: Magician Tries To Sell Weed To Cop!

That cop thinks he is going crazy!!! look at his face LMAO!

Calen Morelli is an illusionist with nerves of steel.

This street magician decided he would showcase his mastery of illusion by walking right up to a police officer, interrupting his cell phone call and the offering to sell the cop some marijuana, with the sack in hand.

The officer, enraged at the arrogance of the would-be pot dealer, rushes Morelli… and then, suddenly, the back and the marijuana disappears.

As the furious officer searches him, he demands that Morelli tells him where the weed went. The magician, however, tells the officer that he must be confused, as he never asked him to buy any weed, he only asked him the time.

The officer screams at the street performer and tells him off, when Morelli explains that without any evidence, the officer will have to release him.

Calen Morelli still has the bag of the weed and no criminal charge.