Prankster sparks fury after cutting off his girlfriend’s hair

Savage Prank!

A viral prankster who enjoys tormenting his girlfriend for Facebook likes has struck again, this time cutting off her hair.

Brad Holmes, 24, from Southampton, crept up on Jenny Davies, 22, from Portsmouth, as she’s sleeping on the sofa, taking a pair of scissors to her glossy brown locks.

Brad brandishes the scissors to camera first before setting his phone down on the other side of the room to capture the action.

It takes the boyfriend 34 seconds to cut through Jenny’s hair, which is tied up in a plait. He then holds the hair up and sniggers to himself.

‘Jen, wake up I’ve a present for you,’ he cajoles his girlfriend, who had been sleeping peacefully on the sofa.

‘What?’ the woman asks sleepily.

‘Open your eyes then,’ Brad demands, holding her hair out of her to see once she has woken up.

‘What’s that?’ she asks. Brad replies: ‘Your hair.’

The young woman stands up to look in the mirror, reaching round to touch her locks, which are now significantly shorter, while Brad bursts out laughing at his own prank.

Brad attempts to joke, suggesting he should open a barbers or a hair salon, but the young woman is having none of it.

So far 30,428 people have reacted to the video entitled ‘I thought my girlfriend needed a haircut. SAVAGE!’, with it getting 30,676 shares and 29,000 comments – a vast majority of which failed to find the humour.