Prisoner escapes from cell through tiny food slot

Much similar to one of the episodes in X-Files series

Lucky for us his phantasmagoric escape was caught by prison CCTV in the town of Izerbash in the Republic of Dagestan.

Very much like the protagonist of the infamous X-files episode, a Russian inmate managed to escape from a prison cell by squeezing his body through the food delivery window of his cell.

Russian media nicknamed him the “snake man”. His real name is Rustam Shakhrutdinov. Rustam, allegedly accused for accounts of robbery, instead of sitting out his punishment in a cell, as any ordinary robber would do, decided that mere walls would hold him no longer. In a daring escape, the Russian criminal squeezed his frame through a tiny hole in the door meant for food trays.

In the recorded video footage, the Russian “snake man” wriggles through the tiny food hatch in his cell door butt naked, without much hurry puts on his clothes and leisurely walks off.

We do not know if Rustam left the confinements of the prison after escaping his cell.