Probably The Most Devastating WMMA headkick knockout

Veronica Macedo’s head kick KO

Veronica Macedo is an excellent MMA fighter from Venezuela. This time she delivered brutal KO to her opponent Crissy Audin.
If you think that MMA is male dominated, you are right but that does not mean that there is no interest to female athletes. Some of them are quite famous. They contributed greatly to the development of women’s mixed martial arts and a range of professional MMA organizations started inviting women to compete. Awareness grows with appearance of female fighters on TV. Also, big coverage is guaranteed thanks to the episodes like the one you will see in this video. Veronica Macedo vs. Crissy Audin bout was rather short but very impressive thanks to dramatic knockout. The kick strike was rather fierce. Brutal KO is not the thing to expect from women, yeah? But isn’t it too discriminating to say so? Regardless of gender issue, the event still caused concern of many viewers, as it could be a very serious medical situation. Some even asked if Chrissy Audin came to herself after all. That slapping sound on the face was really nasty. That was, probably, a concussion, it seemed so strong and the woman was long unconscious. The situation was, certainly, unpleasant for the one who lost in this way. Chrissy Audin was not even able to show her fighting skills on the canvas.
The defeat also made her famous. For instance, her Facebook page had 53000 views after that notorious defeat. She reacted positively to it. At least, that was what she wrote on her page, saying that that was an amazing KO. It did not look as if her ego was wounded judging by her message. Chrissy also said that we would not rid of her so easily. And we do not want to! Hopefully, some time later we will see her better performance.