Pulling Up On A Drug Dealer Goes Horribly Wrong!

‘Damn! I didn’t expect this’

Suppose for a moment you live next door to a drug house. Cars queue up in your street. Drug abusers loiter in front of your house or apartment. Gunfire occasionally disturbs your sleep, and in the morning you might find derelicts sleeping it off in your front yard. Whether you’re a yuppie rehabber, downwardly mobile artist, aging home owner, white ethnic, Hispanic, Asian, or African American, you’re in danger the moment you step out your door and you know it.

Suppose you try to fight back. You call the police, detailing your knowledge of your neighbor’s illicit enterprise. Now what? Do you expect them to surveil the building, confirm your suspicions, raid the drug dealer’s home, and make your neighborhood safe again for decent citizens?

You might expect that, but it probably won’t happen. Because… We sure didn’t expect that to happen!