Rapper “Nino Brown” Gets Exposed!

Damn! That girl got his a*s

DJ Khaled is probably the biggest thing in Hip Hop right now when you tally up his overall success and things going on from his Snapchat fam.
One would assume he is not feeling this move by his artist Nino Brown. Nino Brown who is a rapper from Miami is also pretty popular on IG/Facebook more so for his motivational speeches he post every other day.

Well lets just say it does not seem like his motivational words he gives to others even works for him. One female fan exposed Nino for fronting that a Lambo and Helicopter was his. The female fan showed that the Lambo Nino claimed to pull up in was indeed a fake car which doesnt move and is actually a Kid size kit. The helicopter that Nino claimed landed to pick him up is actually for all the citizens and its only $20 dollars a ride! Yes thats right $20 dollars ride.