Robbers Get Locked in Cellphone Store

These guys are losers.

CCTV footage shows the robbers entering the phone store in Patterson, New Jersey, and threatening the manager with a gun. After speaking to the two men, the manager managed to disappear out the back of the store and lock the back exit, before going round to lock the security gate at the front. But despite numerous calls to the police, the robbers managed to escape after 20 minutes by pulling off the metal cage over one of the windows using a wrench they found.

Manager Tommy Torrez told The Record he had told the two men to take whatever they wanted, before disappearing out of the back of the shop when the robbers were distracted.

He said: ‘I stood by the front desk for about three minutes. The whole time I was not really scared but I was thinking how I could get out of there.

‘I ran to back of the store and went through the door that connects our business with the one next door.’

He went through to the adjoining travel agency next door and told the shop assistant what was happening.

The pair then ran out to lock the metal security gate at the front of both stores.