Russian neighbours from hell.


We’ve pretty much all had bad neighbors before, but can you imagine how bad it must be for this guy that he decides to put a camera up just to film it all?
According to reports the bloke felt he had been plagued by the comings and goings of his neighbours.
And when he installed the camera it really riled them – and their violent reactions were all caught on camera.
In the shocking footage, a furious pensioner is seen attempting to break the lens with a walking stick.
At another time, the incensed elderly lady uses spray paint to obscure the screen.
Another neighbour has a similar go at vandalising the man’s camera by whacking it with a hammer – but is unsuccessful at smashing the device.
The CCTV picks up a domestic dispute between a mother and son and also captures the moment a drunk man is seen falling down stairs before starting an argument with himself.