Russian special forces vs mafia.

Russians are something serious.

Spetsnaz is an umbrella term for special forces in Russian and is used in numerous post-Soviet states. Historically, the term referred to special military units controlled by the military intelligence service GRU (Spetsnaz GRU). It also describes special purpose units, or task forces of other ministries (such as the Ministry of Emergency Situations’ special rescue unit) in post-Soviet countries.

As Spetsnaz is a Russian term it is typically associated with the special forces units of Russia, however other post-Soviet states often refer to their special forces by the term as well, having themselves inherited their special purpose units from the now defunct Soviet security agencies. The 5th spetsnaz Brigade of Belarus or the Alpha group of the Security Service of Ukraine are both such examples of non-Russian Spetsnaz forces.

Russian special forces – This general meaning of all security and intelligence agencies.
The word consists of the structure of the FSB, spetsnaz GRU, Interior Ministry police, OMON, SOBR, OMSN, FSKN.