Saenchai Has A New Message For McGregor

If you missed his original video, you can see it here:
Saenchai is known for his incredible leg dexterity and flashy technique. Having fought in over 300 fights including bare knuckle bouts and single-night tournaments, the Thai legend has won championship titles in 6 different weight classes.

Last month Saenchai took to social media to tell fans that he is considering moving on from his Muay Thai career to compete in MMA. GSP has invited him to train at Tristar gym with him and he has apparently taken him up on the offer.

Following his loss at UFC 196, the MMA world butchered McGregor, claiming he was overrated and nothing more than a “hype train”. Saenchai had another message for Conor McGregor on Facebook.

Many people are attacking Conor McGregor after he lost once in UFC. Many “fans” are losing faith, making fun of, and laughing at McGregor:But these aren’t true fans. If there are no challenges and no adversity, then there are no growth. In Muay Thai, every single legend lost at one point. This is because we fight the best. We grow from our losses. We become great from our losses.

McGregor showed courage, fighting Nate Diaz with an “anyone anywhere” attitude. He is a lion.

20 years ago, Saenchai lost by knock out. Saenchai was 15 year old and fought an all-time great legend named Thongchai.

After that, Saenchai kept improving, and never got knocked down again. Now, Saenchai is the greatest of this era.

McGregor, you have potential of becoming greatest of this era too. Don’t let the haters get to you. Lions don’t lose sleep over the opinions of sheep.

Become the great lion you can be. Look forward to meeting you one day.

Chok Dee (Good Luck)

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