See the Lego version of Negan’s brutal kill scene

They should just make the entire show of lego!

By now, we’ve all seen or heard who bit the big one last Sunday on The Walking Dead. If you haven’t, well then you shouldn’t have clicked on this article, right ?

Youtuber Kristo499 recreated the death scenes of Abraham and Glenn in stop motion LEGO animation. It’s a nearly word for word recreation and the animation is about identical as you can get to the actual show. Gore isn’t something you normally see in LEGO for obvious reasons, but Kristo499 perfectly recreated both scenes in all their glory. With the crew from Alexandria’s roster down by two now, we’ll have to see what happens this week with the introduction of King Ezekiel and Shiva at The Kingdomw.

What do you think of the video below? Let us know as it has nearly two million views already in only two days .