Selfie stics destroyed in NEW YORK

That is really bad dude.

Selfie sticks are everywhere – whether you love them or loathe them, chances are you won’t go a day without seeing someone snapping themselves with the contraption.

But one man with a burning hatred of the phenomenon has taken matters into his own hands in extreme fashion. Armed with a pair of shears, Buddy Bolton has been sneaking around the streets of New York decapitating selfie sticks, sending smartphones smashing to the ground. Footage shows the self-styled vigilante creeping up on unsuspecting tourists before cutting their selfie sticks in half and legging it. Some of his victims are left in shock to pick up the pieces of their destroyed property while others give chase.

Bolton is actually a stand-up comedian who posted a video of the prank to YouTube – where is has received mixed reviews. Some viewers hailed the stunt as a “masterpiece” while others who were less than impressed branded him a “disgusting person”.

Bolton told DNAinfo: “We thought it was good-hearted. It wasn’t our intention to be really mean.

“Unfortunately a couple of people were upset.”

Bolton claims selfie sticks decrease human interaction and said he targeted people who were “vain enough to be using” the tools.