Selling Water Guns In The Hood Prank!!

Dude almost got shot trying to be funny.

What? Is it now a thing to risk your life for the sake of a good prank? Jesus Christ. We showed you how stupid it can be to pull pranks in a tough neighborhood, like this guy stealing gas or this dumb kid taking pics of somebody else’s girlfriends, but the guy from this video pushed the envelope too far and almost got killed.

These ‘pranks’ are popping up more and more, and will likely continue until someone is killed. In this prank, a young man goes around to people in ‘the hood’ asking them if they want to buy a gun. He isn’t talking about a real gun though, but rather a squirt gun. His idea of a funny prank is trying to sell guns to people who really, really don’t seem like they need another one. It was funny for a sec when he got roughed up a bit, but you only need one guy to overreact and it stops being funny.

Nevertheless, it is one of those things that just makes me scratch my head and wonder why. Feel absolutely free to leave a comment on the video to let them know how irresponsible they’re being in the name of ‘entertainment’ .