Snake Being Eaten By Toad Tries To Fight Cat!

Honestly, the weirdest video I’ve seen in a while.

It’s always fascinating to watch snakes fight. The way they spread out their hood and hiss menacingly can send chills down the spine of even the boldest of animals. One particular snake proved that it was never too late to pick up a fight with another animal even when it was already being eaten alive by a toad.

The shocking footage, which is believed to be captured in Thailand, shows the aggressive reptile snapping back at a curious cat even as its tail is slowly being chewed by a toad. Onlookers are heard egging the cat to attack the snake but it gets startled by the threatening reptile. The feline raises its paw to smack the head of the snake several times but is rendered unsuccessful because of its alert opponent.

Amazingly, the toad feasting on the poor snake does not seem to be bothered all the while its still-alive meal fights with the cat .