Soldier surprises Twin brother at swear in

It was a big day for both of them!

 On the day Christopher Sanchez was to give his oath to be sworn in the United States Army, he was prepared to do it without his twin brother, Andrew, by his side. He was under the impression that his brother (already a member of the military) wouldn’t make it back in time from deployment. He had no idea, however, that Andrew had secretly flown back earlier just to be there on that special day.

During the swearing-in ceremony, Christopher was purposely instructed to demonstrate an about-face command. That’s when he would turn around and see Andrew right behind him. He had no idea his brother was right there all along standing tall in his uniform. The twin brothers quickly embrace in a heartwarming reunion reminiscent to the military dad who broke down after surprising his three daughters at school.

On the same day Andrew came home Christopher swore into the United States Army! He surprised him!
If we were feeling proud to have 1 solider in our family we are now feeling overwhelmed by GODS goodness to have 2 soldiers