Soulja Boy Threatens To Kill Nia Riley!

Someone needs some attention.

On Friday morning, Soulja Boy hopped up out of bed and turned his video camera on to make a video threatening his ex-girlfriend, Nia Riley, and her rumored new boyfriend.

Interestingly enough, Nia Riley spoke with TMZ and shared that she doesn’t have a new boyfriend and the “dude” that Soulja Boy is referring to is an internet troll. Well, that internet troll is Soulja Boy’s former best friend and New Orleans rapper, Skrill-Dilly. Skrill-Dilly and Soulja used to be close but the two hip hop artists are no longer friends due to Dilly accusing Soulja of jacking beats. In addition, Dilly also told Soulja to leave his ex-girlfriend, Nia Riley, alone as Soulja Boy has been smearing her name.

Dilly released a statement exclusively with Lady Thriller:

In 2014 Soulja Boy and Skrill-Dilly were associates and they got into it over Soulja Boy stealing beats from Skrill. He started saying disrespectful things about Nia Riley who is Teddy Riley’s daughter which is Soulja Boy’s Ex girl friend on Love and Hip Hop Hollywood. Soulja Boy took to twitter telling social media her p*ssy was loose and she’s ugly and not Teddy Riley’s daughter. So Skrill told Soulja Boy via twitter to chill out and defended her saying that at the end of the day she is a woman. Soulja responded pointing a gun in a video threatening Skrill’s life (while on probation).

Is Soulja Boy mad or nah?

In a video, Soulja Boy is seen waving a gun while speaking into a camera saying, ” F*ck you and F*ck Nia Riley”. It’s not clear who Soulja is threatening but it appears that the threats are towards Dilly. Soulja makes a threat stating that he’ll have some shooters outside of his home.