Starbucks cashier admits her theft.

Damn! $200+?! Good luck in jail

An angry customer recorded video as she confronted a Starbucks cashier she claims stole her credit card information, according to WPVI.

Juana Martinez said she stopped for coffee on New Year’s Day at a Starbucks in Bellflower, California. She says the cashier took her credit card and walked away for a few moments, claiming she needed to change the receipt paper in her cash register.

Martinez later realized her credit card information had been stolen. When she had the fraudulent charges investigated, she was shown a video of the Starbucks cashier making a $212 purchase at a store called Ralph’s.

Video posted to YouTube Sunday shows Martinez getting coffee at that same Starbucks and coming face-to-face with the same woman she says stole her card.

“You know what you did, right?” she asks the stunned cashier.

Martinez tells the cashier about the video and warns that she’ll be pressing charges. The cashier issues rapid-fire apologies, begging Martinez not to press charges and offering to pay back the money on the spot.

Starbucks told the TV station that the employee, who has not been identified, was fired. Martinez reportedly decided not to file charges after hearing that the 19-year-old cashier was terminated from her position.