Russia’s Viral ‘Stop a Douchebag’ Squad

Some people think rules don’t apply to them.

Russia is a country that only has “laws” in the loosest possible sense, which is why people there drive like absolute fucking maniacs. Thankfully, a youth group named Stop A Douchebag is bravely (some might say foolishly) attempting to address the problem. Reader Jeff explains:

Have you seen these “Stop a Douchebag” videos out of Russia? It’s a movement to get people to stop driving on sidewalks (apparently a huge issue over there).

A bunch of young people will stand on the sidewalk and not let them pass, and if they try to drive forward, they stick giant stickers on their windshield. It’s brilliant stuff.

Indeed. In the video above, one driver becomes so irate that another driving wielding a goddamn AK has to step in to force him to come correct.