Street Soccer as an Old Man Prank

That was awesome!

This older man has some moves.

Well, at least the man underneath the disguise does.

For those not in the know, Sean Garnier is one of the best football freestylers in the world.  With that as the background, Garnier recently dressed up in a grandpa costume in order to play a brilliant prank of a group of lads who were playing a pick-up match. After forcing himself into their game, Garnier quickly began to take centre stage as the made-up old-timer started running rings around the guys on the pitch.

While the first world champion of Red Bull’s Street Style Soccer contest starts out slow and lets other players dribble around him, it isn’t long before he changes the game.

Similar to Kyrie Irving’s Uncle Drew gag, “Grandpa Memo” showcases his signature tricks and basically runs circles around the competition.

The video was staged by Spanish retailer Coppel. As Total Pro Sports points out: “Old dudes don’t just walk onto a soccer court… And pickup soccer games don’t just have audiences of 50 people.”

But, despite the circumstances, Garnier’s command of the soccer game is still a sight to behold.