Strong Man Competition Ends With a Snapped Back

I hope he didn’t get paralyzed…

Warning! This sport is extremely dangerous do not try it at home, or after seeing this, anywhere else too. No matter how much money you are getting, do not compromise your life for it. it’s so stupid and sad to see what people do for a living, and even more upsetting to see what people do in the name of sports. This is not sports! Anything that threatens your health is not sports, it’s just a game for money. Sports are supposed to elevate your wellbeing much rather almost kill you.

In this upsetting video you will see how this strong man is trying to prove that he is strong by lifting a huge stone and placing it on a pillar that is way above over his head. But what happens next will leave you pained. As this man lifts the stone up and does his best to place that huge stone on the pillar he suddenly breaks his spine, he goes back in an instant in the shape of an N before falling to the ground, this mate is definitely going to take a long long time to recover if it’s his spine that’s broken.