Student nails impossible shot in chemistry class

Great shot!

It was an impossible shot – but the professor might regret making that bet now. The unidentified student, seen in a clip posted to Reddit, throws the ball and incredibly it sails across the classroom and into a bin at the front of the lecture hall. The classroom of students goes wild as they realize they now will all get an A on their quiz.

Users on Reddit claim the school is Ohio State University and the quiz was for an organic chemistry class. One user posted on the thread said they were in the class and the professor, Dr Christopher Callam, makes the bet with the class every year. The user, Buckeyeboy915, also says the quiz is not an overwhelming part of their grade.

‘To all of those worried about people getting undeserved grades, don’t be. It is a 100 per cent on a quiz that is worth exactly 3 per cent of our final grade,’ he wrote.

Boccit, another user, claimed to also be a former student of Dr Callam.

‘I had him for general chemistry two years ago. He makes this bet every semester and makes somebody random from the top row of the lecture hall take the shot,’ Boccit wrote.