Super Fast Helicopter PIASECKI X 49A

Fast as hell.

The US Military is always doing and experimenting with something new, and they got it this time. This is the super fast helicopter named Piasecki X 49A built by the Piasecki Aircraft Corporation that doesn’t look like the conventional copter, maybe a little bit actually. The standard large blade in the middle of the helicopter is there but there is also one new addition that is the vectored thrust ducted propeller (that is the rear propeller that this time is placed in the correct side).

This new way of placing this large propeller will give the Piasecki X 49A chopper a boost that is needed to go high speed in the air. It is not easy for the helicopter to go fast in the air because without this rear propeller there was no way that it could go faster. The maximum speed of the normal helicopter is around 200 km/h and now with this new technology it can go much faster. Because the propeller will do only one thing, push the body of the helicopter forwards it will go much faster than the ones without this addition. Well now that is something to admire to, great work from the engineers and the designers of the company.

We don’t know why it was not implemented in the helicopters before because the engineers did know about this technology but nobody dared to place one on the chopper yet. Only the Piasecki Aircraft Corporation had the courage to make this super fast helicopter. They don’t stop to surprise us as the Army always has the leading technology research center where all the new and useful materials and machines are born. We can’t wait to see this helicopter in action, as this is only the concept that was made, we can safely say that it is looking very good and we expect more from it. Speed and comfort are the two things that this helicopter will offer.