Teen Tragically Falls To Death


Here’s a disturbing capture of a man trying to apparently capture himself in a selfie-shot, yet the worst possible outcome occurs. The dude dies. All this so he could get a bunch of likes on his social media pages? True insanity has taken over our times.

It all went down in the town of Novy Urengoy in north central Russia. A selfie attempt gone horribly wrong, leading to both a devastating, and pathetic, way to die.

Then there’s the case of the person filming. This person would also rather get likes on his social media page instead of actually trying to help or just telling him to get the hell down from the building! So from both angles, this situation is extremely messed up, and very telling of our egos taking precedent over common sense and basic sanity.

Very disturbing video. But check it out if you want to see what our world has sadly come to .