Teenage Boy Stuck In Girlfriends House

That Boy Is Crazy!

Teenagers nowadays! Too arrogant & lack common sense! Singing and rapping while hidding with the glare of the lit phone screen all over the place…..honestly!  So, he’s supposed to be hiding with his cell phone light on. It’s funny that we didn’t hear the girlfriend saying one word like “daddy, it’s no one here or daddy, I don’t no what you’re talking about” etc. We only hear the father ranting not the daughter begging her father to stop or anything else. This probably isn’t real. But…

I don’t care if it’s fake. My imagination allowed me to believe this and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Especially when he started singing…..that was madness induced by fear. Parents need to check their homes and make sure that only the family lives there and not some random guy or girl. These teens are crafty today. Gotta keep your game on point these days. Nobody respects boundaries or rules.