Teens Meet Inmates In The Alternative Lifestyle Unit!

Inmates in prison give teens a reality check!

There is a scene in the Fulton County episode of last season that shows the youth visiting an alternative lifestyle unit which holds homosexual inmates. In the scene the inmates do not really speak on what the unit itself was about but it was more of a cautionary tale for the youngsters to stay out of jail period. There was even a “husband and wife” in the unit: one male inmate and an effeminate male inmate with what seemed like makeup and a perm.

As the environmental norms of society change, is it required for jails to follow those patterns? I remember researching for an article a while back, about how jails used to be segregated between white and black inmates. There are always stories about Aryan nation gangs in the jails that you hear in the movies or cop shows, but jails are not at that level anymore. Just like you always hear about prison rape stories and the long-running cautionary punchline, “Don’t drop the soap.” Maybe this alternative lifestyle unit is the future to respect people’s sexual identities for both homosexual and heterosexual. What happens if a homosexual man tries to push unwanted advances on a heterosexual man and the heterosexual man kills him out of anger or self-defense? That is not okay for either party considering a life is lost and someone is spending unnecessary time for protecting themselves.

If anything, the alternative lifestyle unit may not be helpful in trying to socialize a rough population. Interaction should be the key in that equation. There are probably prisoners right who were locked up at a time when there were no gay characters on television or even a black president of the United States. So if they were given the chance to be released they would be in for a surprise and probably scared back into prison.