Ten second faceplant KO in a female bout!

The fight is an absolute mismatch.

Pause this video before the fight starts, please. What we have here is two female fighters. For one of them this is the first pro bout, the second one fought three times already in her pro career. Now guess, who’s who. Can the blond fighter whose looks and stand suggest she’s been kidnapped in the street and brought to the cage be a more or less experienced martial artist? Or is it a rashguard girl with plaits?
Ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to introduce to you Katie Castro from California. She is a pro MMA fighter according to Sherdog and in her three bouts she suffered three losses, all of them by punches, all of them in the opening seconds. And yes, she’s a blonde. Her opponent here is Ilima-Lei Macfarlane and this fight took place at Xplode Fight Series – Hurricane in January, 2015. For Macfarlane it was a pro debut and, man, it would be more honest to let a punching bag play the role of her opponent.
To say Castro was weaker is to say nothing. She tried her best to throw a single shot (you know, I hardly dare to write these words which should be used to describe a real fight) but her, uhm, style – poor footwork, chin held proudly high and guard all absent – gave her no chance at all. The bout was just ten seconds of shame which ended with a knockout punch – Macfarlane dropped the bomb when Carter was standing on her knees after a vicious hook from the right. Fortunately, the agony didn’t last long – and that’s the only thing which is not way too bad about this fight.
No idea how much do the guys from Xplode pay their pro fighters but it must be a huge amount of money if Katie Castro still doesn’t quit. Have to say, Macfarlane’s record looks just great now, 5-0 as an amateur and 1-0 as a pro. But the splendor of her glory vanishes a little when you look at the total record of all her opponents – it’s a career padding 1-13. By the way, Laura Salazar who defeated poor Katie Castro in September, 2014, left Xplode to fight under Invicta banner and faced Christine Stanley in February this year. Salazar lost via TKO (punches) in the opening round. Nobody could expect this to happen, right?