Terrifying Extraterrestrial Alien Invasion Prank

Damn! Someone could have died from fright

Brazilian prank TV show Câmera Escondida have pretty much made it their remit to stage elaborate stunts that terrify the unsuspecting Brazilian public. Previous pranks have seen them scare the hell out of subway passengers with a fake ghost girl and stage a pretty convincing zombie apocalypse.

What would you do if a UFO landed in front of your car and aliens got out and tried to attack you?! Would you run, or would you fight back? It’s no surprise to see that the people inside are screaming with terror and hugging each other for dear life at this point. Enough is enough, you might be saying to yourself now.  But no the prank hasn’t reached its limit, not until the aliens actually open the car doors, enter inside the vehicles and grab at the trembling victims as they scream despair.  The people at the receiving end of this prank must surely get some free therapy as part of the deal.