The Best Of “Yucko The Clown!”

I wonder how many times he got his ass beat.

Yucko the Clown is a fictional comedy character from The DAMN!

Roger Black is an American insult comedian, actor, voice actor, animator, writer and producer. He is known for his character “Yucko the Clown” who goes around cracking jokes and insulting people. Yucko became a regular guest on The Howard Stern Showand also starred in The DAMN! Show, created and portrayed by Brickleberry co-creator Roger Black since 1998, who appears in many episodes in animated form, as with Waco O’Guin’s persona Bobby Possumcods.

The DAMN! SHOW mixes up a heady brew of sketches, animation, interviews, and a whole lot more! Highlights include the infamous Yucko The Clown, who delights in causing as much offence as possible by hurling insults at innocent passersby. A weird and wonderful parade of crazy characters vie with Yucko for viewer attention, making this a sick and twisted compilation that offers laughs aplenty.