The Deadliest Knife in the World : The Karambit

This is the most dangerous knife you might ever see in your life.

Throughout the history in every part of the world, different cultures have developed different tools and knives, designed and made according to their needs.

Over the past 4,000 years, mankind has affected thousands of variations in the design of swords, combat knives and impact weapons.

A karambit is a curved fighting knife. It is an Indonesian weapon that originated out of Sumatra. And folklore says it is modeled after the claw of big cats.

Do you know that there are two spellings for it? The most widely used is “Karambit” and the lesser used is “Kerambit”.

In ancient times it was revered as a symbol of adulthood and responsibility. Today the Karambit is simply a tool.

The karambit knife is one of the most famous collectible knives. It is an unusual curve with a shape like that of a claw.   Because essentially, it is patterned after a tiger’s claw. The mother knife of karambit knives, “Kuku Macan”, literally means “tiger claw” in Indonesia. Kuku Macan, however, was a larger version and is primarily for the battle field.