The ‘Iraqi Rambo’ Has Killed 1,500 ISIS Members

He’s known as ‘The Angel of Death’.

With his thick beard and fearsome axe, Abu Azrael is one of the most recognisable soldiers fighting among the Iraqi forces against ISIS.

Nicknamed the ‘father of archangel of death’ in Arabic, Abu Azrael has become the poster boy of the Imam Ali brigade, a Iraqi Shi’a militia group sponsored by Iran.

He is believed to be a 40-year-old former university lecturer, who left his home to fight Islamic State back in June 2014.

Such is his fame, his fan page on social media has attracted over a quarter of a million supporters.  

Pictures show the bald fighter kitted out in his military fatigues, posing with his famous axe and a heavy machine gun.
Well known for his sense of humour, one video shows Abu Azrael using a captured ISIS walkie-talkie to taunt and mock the depraved savages of ISIS.

It is possible he was motivated to join the fight after a representative of Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani issued a call to arms in Friday prayers in mid June 2014.

Determined to defend his home and country, Abu Azrael joined the Imam Ali brigade, a Iraqi Shi’a militia heavily supported by Iran. 

The militia has recently been fighting alongside the Iraqi army in a bid to re-capture the Iraqi city of Tikrit .

With the arrival of the Iraqi Rambo, morale is high among the Iraqi Shi’a militias, who appear confident in ridding ISIS from Iraq .