These Bikers Respond To Some Punks Burning The Flag

One people, one flag.

Fort Greene Park in Brooklyn, New York was the site of a recent protest against the New York Police Department, or NYPD. The protestors in the park were doing a number of things from giving speeches to displaying signs. One of the protestors had a small metal bowl and decided to start burning an American flag on a concrete surface in the park as a sign of protest.
The sight of an American flag burning upset a gang of bikers in the area known as Hallowed Sons Motorcycle Club. Some of the bikers were Vietnam veterans. The bikers descended on the protest that had been peaceful up until that point. A few minor physical confrontations broke out. One biker pushed a protestor to the ground. Non-bikers in the area also start trying to push protestors.
The protestors eventually fled the scene since nearly 40 bikers arrived. Almost a dozen NYPD officers had to come to Fort Greene Park to handle the disturbance. The bikers were not necessarily friendly towards the police as shown in a video of the event. The bikers were actively disobeying police orders and even physically pushing past the police in an attempt to reach the protestors who were leaving.
The NYPD did have to escort some of the bikers out of the park. Once the incident was over and the protestors had left, a number of Brooklyn residents came into the park holding American flags and wearing patriotic clothing. They started singing God Bless America at one point.