These two lizards have some sick wrestling skills!

It’s like watching a UFC fight!

Buses, trucks, motorcycles and three-wheeled cars coming within a few feet of the battling monitor lizards didn’t prevent them from duking it out, until the two-minute mark when they ran off the road. But then, they resumed fighting.

Unfortunately, after nearly three minutes, Madav halted the video while they were still fighting, so a winner wasn’t determined.

Still, we score it high for entertainment value.

Like scaly sumo wrestlers, these male monitor lizards are squaring off over food and females. They might brawl for 45 minutes before a victor emerges.
Many adults bear scars on their backs, the result of fights that break out between males as they compete for females. They will actually rear up on their hind legs and wrestle in a contest of strength, as shown in this video.