Thief shot dead during attempted motorbike hijack

A motorcyclist with a camera fitted to his helmet captures the terrifying scene

A helmet camera captured the terrifying moment an armed robber was shot by an off-duty policeman as he attempted to steal a motorcycle.
The dramatic scene unfolded in broad daylight on a busy street in Sao Paulo. Video footage shows a motorcyclist’s view of the road ahead as he speeds through Brazil’s largest city. As he approaches a junction, another motorcycle suddenly pulls alongside. The pillion passenger draws a large handgun which he points in the face of the video-equipped motorcyclist.
While the agitated robber demands the man hand over his keys, a policeman driving by in a small hatchback car has noticed what is going on.
With the robber climbing onto his newly acquired motorcycle, the policeman steps from his car and without any warning shoots the man twice.
Local reports claim the wounded robber later died in hospital.