This .700 Caliber “Dinosaur Hunting” Rifle

700 WTF Rifle, Hand Cannon.

Men are so over involved in hunting and shooting that some of them even create baby monsters of their own. Now we don’t really know if creating ammunition on your own is considered to be a national level threat or a crime or maybe if it really is considered one than there must be some kind of license for creating your own ammunition as well. Maybe there are even awards for that who creates the best gun so that US forces can end up using that and taking the formula from the owner for life.

This man just gave birth to a .700 caliber gun also known to have eaten Dinosaurs live if they ever existed in today’s world because the bullet this monster gives away is about 1132gr, which is ridiculously heavy and imagine this bullet hitting a man it would be like piercing in and leaving making the person feel nothing at all but death at sight. The guys take turns at shooting the bullets and each one of them though professionals has the same feeling, the same jerk and the same power felt when the bullet gets released from that beauty and they do not know what in the world they are feeling after firing from this baby.