A cowboy standing up for what he believes in

“Pull your damn pants UP!”

Here’s a couple of handsome young men, by all appearances, they seem to be strong young boys, but they’re struggling to walk up the street. You know why? Because they’re pants are around their knees… they’re waddling! It looks like they’re trying out to play The Penguin in a new Batman movie. It has become an epidemic. Young men who think it’s cool to wear their pants nearly to their knees, with no regard for the public’s safety or preference. It was termed “pants on the ground” by one man who took to “American Idol” a few years ago with his original song.

He is absolutely right! Young men can’t be gentlemen and offer to help someone if their pants are that saggy. When it comes to saggy pants, it’s a sign of much bigger problems of disrespect. But pulling up pants is a good first start in learning manners.