This Guy Is The First One To Catch All Pokémon

He caught ‘em all.

 A New Yorker has devoted the past two weeks to snaring all 142 Pokémon currently available in the United States. Nick Johnson, 28,shared a screen grab of his Pokédex on Thursday, which lists the various species of adorable monsters the world has been obsessed with snatching since the game launched July 7. The Brooklyn Heights-based Level 31 Pokémon Trainer revealed he spent 50 hours a week to nab (or evolve) every Zubat, Krabby and Diglett to collect a grand total of 4,269 Pokémon and hatch 303 eggs.

Johnson told the Daily News you’ve gotta take a lot of time — and steps — to reach this feat. He covered more than 95 miles on foot and shed 10 pounds while snaring each Pokémon. He averaged 8 miles a day, with his longest trek running 14.85 miles.