This Heroic Bystander Help Police Officer Under Attack

American Hero.

This shocking video has emerged of the moment when a courageous bystander helped police officers take down a violent suspect that had been assaulting one of the cops. The passerby has been praised as a hero for helping take down the alleged member of a credit card theft ring. Dashcam footage of the incident, filmed outside of a dance studio for young girls in Edmond, Oklahoma, shows suspect Yohanker Paradela-More brutally dragging a police officer across the parking lot. “It started with this man and another suspect using cloned credit cards to buy gift cards in a grocery store,” Jennifer Wagnon of the Edmond Police Department said. “The clerk said, ‘I need to get my supervisor to approve this,’ and then they just ran out.” A nearby patrolling officer was alerted and managed to track down their vehicle, which was parked outside of the dance studio. When the suspects ran inside, allegedly attempting to hide the stolen cards, the officer followed, leading to the vicious brawl that spilled onto the parking lot. As Paradela-More seems to have gained the upper hand, another officer can be seen coming to his aid. The two struggle to arrest the suspect when the bystander suddenly rushes in from behind and body slams Paradela-More, helping officers to finish the arrest. While the accomplice managed to escape, Paradela-More is behind bars on a $200,000 bond. The Edmond Police Department says that the heroic man, who does not wish to have his name released to the public, will be thanked in a private ceremony .