This Incredible Jump Kick Results In An Instant KO

WOW! That’s A Comeback Kick

Kickboxing. A tough sport that can be brutal and unbelievably punishing on the body. The exertion, the training, the punches… The kicks. Ah, the kicks. It’s what kickboxing is all about. Well, okay – it’s what half of kickboxing is about. But still. A well aimed and timed kick can END a fight.

This Kickboxing battle, which appears as though it happens in India, saw an extraordinary bounce kick in the face sent the other person down into the floor. At the starting it the battle was kinda on a moderate pace, then all of a sudden the person hopped and handled his foot right in his opponant’s face. The hop kick brought about the person a moment thump out that required paramdic to get inside the ring and check on the off chance that he was okay.

Just ask the two guys in the ring here. One of them will be able to tell you in great detail. The other guy? Well, you might have to give him a while. Best wait until he’s woken up again and shaken off his headache.