This Woman Set Fire To Her Ex-Boyfriend’s Car.

Guys, Stay Away From Her

Carmen Chamblee, 19, was arrested Saturday morning near Clearwater and charged with second-degree arson. She is accused of intentionally setting a Honda on fire earlier this month, ABC Action News reported. Chamblee said she believed the vehicle belong to her ex boyfriend, according to the police. But the owner of the Honda, Thomas Jennings, said he has never seen her before and has no idea who she is.

A security camera caught footage of a woman stirring up a blaze at the back of the Honda. Police believe Chamblee is the woman on the video. Investigators found that a rag was set ablaze and placed in the gas tank of the vehicle. Jennings’ roommate was the one who alerted him that his car was on fire. The two men ran out with a pot of water to try to extinguish the blaze – but Jennings told ABC Action News it was ‘too much’.