Thug Runs Up On A Wannabe Thug!

Damn! Dudes heart was beating through his shirt

That’s how you keep it real in the hood. I don’t care if the dude was soft or not never…NEVER show weakness like that! You either knock a mutherfucker out or if it’s 3 or more of them take that ass whooping like a man and catch them alone in the future but never give your shit up like that because now everybody knows your a pussy and ain’t gonna do shit if you get ran up on again! REAL TALK! BUT…

In ordinary language, the term crime denotes an unlawful act punishable by a state.

The notion that acts such as theft are to be prohibited exists worldwide. What precisely is a criminal offence is defined by criminal law of each country. While many have a catalogue of crimes called the criminal code, in some common law countries no such comprehensive statute exists. The state (government) has the power to severely restrict one’s liberty for committing a crime. While every crime violates the law, not every violation of the law counts as a crime. Breaches of private law (torts and breaches of contract) are not automatically punished by the state, but can be enforced through civil procedure .