Tiger Saves Man From A Leopard Attack!

This man needs two eyes at the back of his head …

We’re not entirely sure the leopard intended to harm the zookeeper, but the look on his face after being saved tells us he was definitely scared. The tiger certainly thought his friend was in trouble.

Some humans have a special bond with animals. For example, zoo workers often build such a connection with their animals that they become close, and protective, friends. Take this man, for example. He cares for big cats, such as lions and tigers, in an animal park in South America. And he has struck up quite the relationship with them. He can happily stroll among their enclosure, stroking their bellies and rubbing their heads, without the animals getting flustered. They also look after their holder. They won’t have anyone messing with him. So when a stray leopard turns up and tries to attack the zoo worker, they jump into action to protect their master.