Top 8 Most Dangerous Dogs

So next time you get a pet, make sure you train it well.

Dogs are one of the most loyal pets and often we find people taming dogs, playing along with them and sharing space with them. Dogs become one of the dearest family members and in the long run assume to be an integral part of the family. One word which most dog lovers associate with this animal is ‘cute’, as these friendly animals have been mingling with humans in a perfect blend. The affinity which dogs have with humans is one of the rarest human-animal relations, and the story of the celebrated dog Hachiko is prove to this beautiful bond. Like the story of Hachiko, there are many other dog stories which bear witness to the faithfulness a dog has for his master.

And there are masters who are intolerant of their pets being addressed as a dog. If you mistakenly call their dog a dog, you better be ready to face their fury. According to them, their pets are the most loving creature on earth and deserve due respect. However, some of the data collected through the past few years reveal that these playful dogs can at times be too ferocious to handle.